Circadisc can supply you blank discs printed with your logo or design, for you to record onto when required
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all major credit cards accepted by circadisc
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Price Guide - Business Card Cds - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a CD Business Card?
It is approximately the same size as a rectangular conventional business card with a small CD on the underside.
The underside has a guide which aligns with the inner circle found on CD trays, therefore only suitable for use on a horizontal tray. The CD Business cards we offer support up to 30Mb of data and are inkjet printed.

Please see 'What is a Business Card CD?' section for more information.

What colour are the business card CDs?
All our business card CDs are white, which can be the background colour for your disc design or it can be entirely printed over in another colour.

What type of printing is used on the CD business Cards?
We use inkjet printing on our CD Business cards.

How are the discs packaged?
As standard we insert each disc into a quality clear plastic wallet that is transparent.
Alternatively we can use jewel cases for an additional 25p per disc.

What is included in the prices shown?
The price guide reflects our standard service: printing as specified, duplication from your 'master' disc and insertion into clear plastic wallets. The quantity breakpoints apply to identical printing. If your requirements vary, please contact us to discuss bespoke orders.

Prices shown are subject to VAT - Reg No: 983 8370 72